Saturday, November 25, 2006

Free Payday Loans at

Two months ago I wanted to buy a PC for my sister. I checked for the rates that are available. The rates were from $400 to $600. For the required configuration which I wanted, the rate was $600. At that I didn’t have balance in my bank account. All the money I had invested in mutual funds and shares and paid my bills. So I was obligated to money from a moneylender, who charged a nice interest, because my payday was due by 16 days. At that time I wondered if I can get a payday loan for free.

May be somebody is in a similar situation. I searched the internet and found a site where we can get a free payday loan. This is at:

If you go to that site you will know that they give payday loans upto $600 online directly to your bank account. The due date for this cash advance is until your next payday.

The unique thing about this site is that they give free cash advances for the new customers. Getting a payday loan or cash advance has never been easier.

While others need you to make $1000 a month to qualify for payday loan and though this requirement is here also for personal loans, offers upto $300 as cash advance without this requirement. And later as you qualify you can get upto $600.

So what are you looking for? Buying a PC for yourself or your brother, want to pay bills in time to avoid dues or want to buy diamonds for the loved ones. Just go to to get a payday loan.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The mysteries in this world

We find lot of mysteries in this world. These mysteries can be in different categories. In any mystery the solution once found the mystery does no longer seem to be interesting. We doesn't even sometimes look back to those mysteries/puzzles.

Mysteries are best solved by negation. What it means is that all the different alternatives are not checked for solution randomly but the ones which do not come or take part into the solution are taken out of consideration.

The process of negation when applied to real life eventually shows us the path to God. Thus we can find people who are interested in mysteries those who find lot of pleasure in solving mysteries to be very much interested in the activities of learning the purpose of life than just living life for sensual pleasures.

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