Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Collection of 22 Interesting Articles

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How Does Golden Ratio Play Significant Role in Our Lives?

20 Fascinating Facts About Fox

Interesting Topics to Write Articles

32 Interesting Facts About Tiger

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Why Do the Topics of Paranormal Attract the Attention of Audience Easily?

Children Born with Blindness Could be Protected Through Proper Diet of Mother

Paper made from a Graphite is stronger than Carbon Nanotubes but vulnerable to water

Drink Tomato Soup. Discover Why?

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Where Can We Find the Golden Ratio in Real Life?

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What Kind of Mysterious Bond Exists in Groups of Nanotubes?

The Moons are the Lords of the Rings for Saturn

How would it be if your computer laughs occasionally?

Study Finds That Scents Can Boost Memory

60% of American Women Sleep Poorly

Chocolates Can Save Us from Cancer, Heart Disease and Strokes

Work-At-Home is Risky for Health

HIV-Test Mandatory Before Marriage?

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

20 Fascinating Facts About Fox

Fox is one of those few animals that are found all over the globe. It is a carnivore in nature. Here are some fascinating facts about foxes that is not generally known to people.

  • The lifespan of fox is about 10 years. But they die in 2-3 years because of road accidents, hunting by humans or bigger animals like wolves etc. They live for 10 years in Zoos.
  • The smallest species of fox is the Fennec Fox.
fennec fox, smallest of foxesImage Source
  • Fox is a member of the dog family
  • There are 27 species of fox but only 12 of them are true foxes.
  • The foxes are popular all over the globe.
  • Arctic foxes do not hibernate unlike other animals in the arctic.
arctic white fox, that does not hibernate
Image Source
  • Foxes are smaller than dogs.
  • The largest fox and most common species is the red fox. It has reddish coat, with a white underbelly and a bushy tail. It is like a big cat.
reddish foxes, red fox
Image Source
  • These are funny animals in that they play with their prey before killing it, just like the cat.
  • The fox is an excellent tree climber
  • The arctic fox is white and can camouflage with the snow
  • The Fennec fox weighs only 1.5 kg. Its hearing capacity is exceptional. It can catch its prey even when it is moving underground
  • They are known very well for their night sounds (wow….)
  • The youngest fox in a family is referred to as kit
  • The natural enemies of the fox are the wolves, coyotes, eagles and lynx.
  • They prey on rodents, small birds, rabbits and play a role in balancing ecology.
a jumping red foxImage Source
  • Japanese consider fox to be a sacred animal
  • Except Fennec, foxes are extremely wary of humans and are not domesticated ny humans
  • A Silver fox is domesticated by scientists in Russia after 50 years of selective breeding experiments. This fox is made to be submissive, wag its tail when happy like a dog and become tame.
  • Foxes gather variety of foods ranging from grasshoppers to fruits.

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Interesting Topics to Write Articles

These days there are so many interesting topics to write articles on. Writing articles on interesting topics can in fact let us continue our writing without roadblocks in between. Though the most appealing articles to the audience are the types of 'how to', '10 useful tips' etc., interesting or fascinating topics can also attract loyal readership to your articles. Above all we need to maintain the quality of the writing by making our article caters not just to a small part of audience but as much part as possible.

Here I am not going to list down a 100 topics that can be fascinating. But I will categorize the ways to write interesting articles that helps find possibly more than 1000 fascinating topics to write on.

interesting topics to write articlesImage Source

Topics those are attractive by nature

These are the topics that are attractive by nature. Simply the title catches the attention. I can quote examples like:
  • these can be action stories or movies,
  • all conspiracy theories and controversial topics,
  • sex related topics, freebies, etc.

Topics that have interesting things in description

Though the topic of the article may not be appealing too much, a little more detail can catch our attention. It is noteworthy to mention that the author has influence on making the topic interesting or not by choosing the description.
For example,
20 Unusual and Astounding Living Organisms
Containing many secrets hitherto undiscovered, the most striking pieces of evidence that human encountered has the greatest impasse for the mystery of life.

Where can we find golden ratio in real life?
The golden ratio has a special significance for many artists, architects and mathematicians as well. Because of its interesting properties it has been used in many real life situations.

These topics are narrow to specific domains.

Some topics that are made interesting to the reader by the writer

Not all topics can be very interesting. There are times when the reader finds interest in the article as he/she continues to read the article. These are topics that the writer makes interesting by providing interesting points or revelations.
For example,

Some things that are not very close part of our life but yet come into contact and affect our life in a big way at times.

Interesting topics for all times

Well, there are some topics that are always fascinating to all types of people living anywhere in the world. These topics can be very generic in nature. There is less need to search for these topics as these are in our everyday lives and affect us significantly. For example,
  • topics on natural disasters, God, mysteries,
  • topics on becoming rich quickly,
  • topics on popular people in history or present times, popular places,
  • topics on wars, adventures, love stories,
  • topics on paranormal events, crimes in local neighborhood

Interesting only temporarily

These topics are seasonal in that they are not always attractive. Over time they lose their fascination. Most of these are covered by front pages of major newspapers everyday. For example,
  • The Iraqui who had thrown Shoes at George Bush
  • Inauguration day of President Barack Obama
  • The Announcement of Nano Car by Tata Motors

Knowing these types of topics can make it easy to find the ideas before we attempt to write on them.

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