Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ten Simple Interesting Facts

These are some simple yet interesting facts.

  • Polar bears can eat as many as 86 penguins in a single sitting

Image Source

  • Barbie’s measurements, if she were life-size would be a very unrealistic 39-23-33. (Barbie is a best selling fashion doll)
Image Source
  • The smallest unit of time is the yoctosecond.
  • The dot over the letter ‘i’ is called a tittle.
  • There is a seven letter word in the English language that contains ten words without rearranging any of its letters – “therein”: the, there, he, in, rein, her, here, ere, therein, herein.
  • No word in the English language rhymes with orange!!
Image Source
  • The Sanskrit word for “war” means “desire for more cows.”
  • “Arachibutyrophobia” is the fear of peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of your mouth!
  • A “clue” originally meant a ball of thread. This is why one is said to “unravel” the clues of a mystery.
Image Source
  • A jiffy is a unit of time that represents 1/100th of a second.
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Essentials of Garden Design

Nowadays the garden owners are increasingly using the garden designers for their residential gardens. The garden designers like any designer, deal with the different aspects of a garden space. Sissinghurst is an example of a designed garden.

Image Source

A well-planned garden is needed more in the twentieth century. The garden designers do that for us. The garden designer knows about not only in design of the garden but also in growing plants. He must be have a hands on experience in planting, a knowledge of plants and laying of the landscape for the garden, dividing the landscape for water paths and other things.

Image Source


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Monday, October 01, 2007

A wiki page for vacations

Ever thought about having a webpage similar to wiki not just for information purpose but also for other purposes? Vacations wiki does the same simply by being a wiki for vacations.

A wiki page is a webpage which can be created, edited, modified or deleted by the users who read it. This has lot of uses in the present scenario. The most intricate details of any thing can be understood or the different elements of an idea can be known through wiki pages. Although there are several forums, discussion groups and other websites to serve similar kind of purposes they all lack the intimacy which a wiki page gives to the users/editors. A wikipage for vacations simply gives only vacation information or related to travel etc.

With a vacation wiki page one can organize plans for a vacation or tour from his experience so that other users can benefit from it. This is like a mutual benefit for everyone. Here clearly sharing of experiences and knowledge or information is involved. But this will greatly reduce the time for many people to plan or carryout their vacation plans.

Most of all a vacation wiki page loads faster than any other vacation forum or other related pages simply loaded with bulky ads.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

This is what I have replied in email to blogsvertise


My problem is not in putting anchor texts or writing anything but the blog is not accessible now as the blog host server has crashed since three to four months. I couldn't remove the blog once I add it to the blogsvertise system.

I update one of my blogs regularly.

But nobody seems to care about it. Whereas the writingup blog is not at all accessible, people assign tasks to that blog only even when I cannot post anything to that junk blog.

I understand why this is happening. People just want pagerank no matter whether the blog exists or not. All of my other blogs are not having any page rank and hence they are not submitting tasks to them.

We cannot really pass page rank to advertisers' sites without losing our page rank. Which means that blogsvertise's method of advertising is error prone. It will not work in the long run. That's why people are giving second chance, third chance and so on. There is no way I can post unless the server resumes.

Anyway I cannot delete my blogs nor can I post any tasks. So I am shifting to blogitive. They do not bother about page rank but only about traffic and regular posting. If we post regularly then traffic will come automatically. That is the reason why blogitive network is growing while blogsvertise network is shrinking.

Bye. bye. blogsvertise.

If you want to improve the system, try to assign the tasks to the blogs which are updated regularly and are active irrespective of their page rank. Then only you and I can profit from it.


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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises refer to those physical exercises that we like to do most. They are not so tough to do. But it is only that we can do them for a long duration. The term aerobic is used to refer to oxygen because the energy is generated out of this exercise with the utilization of oxygen.

For example, running or walking is done for a long duration but we do not generally put a lot of effort to do them. Swimming and bicycling also come into this category. Now one can understand what is an aerobic exercise. The intensity of the exercise is moderate and done for a long duration.

Then what are the benefits of this type of exercise? It reduces the blood pressure and most important for adults and older people. Our muscles used for respiration get strength and improve our respiratory abilities. Reduce troubles associated with lungs. Easy breathing and pumping of the blood by heart becomes efficient. Red blood cells also increase as the oxygen is needed for this exercise.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise unlike aerobic exercise does not involve use of oxygen to generate energy. This type of exercises are used to develop muscles so that the person can do great in short duration and high intensity activities.

Aerobic exercises are generally running, walking, bicycling and swimming. These are done for longer durations of time with less effort compared with an anaerobic exercise. Oxygen is used up to produce energy in aerobic exercises. This has many long term health benefits.

Unlike aerobic exercise anaerobic exercises are not performed for long term benefits but for short intense bursts of energy needed by muscles for performing wonderful feats. Many athletes and bodybuilders resort to this type of exercises.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Strength training

Strength training is for doing physical exercises and has many health benefits. It involves use of heavy weights to oppose gravity or using elastic forces. This has several health benefits apart from increasing the size and strength of muscles.

Strength training is done initially by lifting as much weight as possible by a person. Then the muscles respond to grow larger and stronger. As the person repeats the process the muscles grow larger and he/she need to steadily increase the weights also. This is how the process expands muscles gain size and strength.

Strength training reduces the potential for injuries to the body. It improves cardiac functioning and thus reduces the chances of a heart attack. Bone, muscles and ligament get strength and grow over time. Cholesterol level also increases.

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Herbaceous Border for Your Garden

Popularly known in the United Kingdom, the herbaceous borders are used in gardens in the Victorean era. This is a collection of soft-stemmed or non-woody perennials arranged together. This is done in order to create a dramatic effect to the garden in different colors and shapes.

herbacious perennial gardens

Image Source

In US the term perennial border is used for this. A British 20th century garden designer and a prolific writer, Gertrude Jekyll, has written books on herbaceous borders. Thus he popularized the use of these borders for gardens through a revival of the British cottage garden.

area perennials

Image Source

herbaceous border

Image Source

To create herbaceous borders it takes a lot of hardwork. It is because the perennials have to be dug up regularly every 3-4 years. They need to be divided to keep the bed clean and control the growth of plants. But for the beauty they add to gardens it is worth the effort!

beautiful flower in the herbaceous garden

Image Source

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Treasure Hunt in the Atlantic Ocean for Gold Coins

The recent treasure hunt in the Atlantic Ocean resulted in the discovery of a shipwreck. This contained huge number of gold and silver coins packed in containers. The Odyssey Marine Exploration owns the credit and its stock price already went up by 81 percent on Friday May 18, to $8.32. Historians say that the ship contained nine tons of gold coins and was going to buy the loyalty of the Duke of Savoy, a potential ally in southeastern France. Odyssey believes those coins could also fetch more than $500 million.

Image Source

Image Source

There are hundreds of plastic containers which contain a total of 500,000 coins. They say that each coin may value $1000 or more from collectors and investors. But it depends on the particular coin, its rarity and other factors. But they say that these coins are not available currently. They did not report the place the shipwreck as it would create security problems.

Image Source

Odyssey says that they get the 80% share in the first $45 million and a 50% in the latter proceedings. However the location of the discovery of the shipwreck does not belong to any particular country.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Spintronics May Become a Reality to Beat Electronics in the Race for Faster Computers

With the new developments in the research of spintronics, we can conclude that spintronics can become a reality in the near future. The spintronics deals with the spin of electrons in the semiconductor much like the electronics deals with the charge of electrons in the semiconductor. The researchers discovered a way to detect and control the spin of electrons in silicon, which is widely used in the semiconductor industry.

Image Source

In the recent years, the semiconductor industry is facing a lot of problems because of the challenges in the meeting the speed and size targets for the demands of consumer electronics industry. The high speeds of processors and small sizes are now becoming big challenges to meet.

Image Source

Meanwhile the research for spintronics was going on. The control of spin in electrons was not known. But the methods to use it instead of electron charge, for all electronic applications is explored and named as spintronics. With the new discovery the spintronics could become a reality as the only problem was to control the spin of electrons. However there are still certain problems which need to be solved before taking a step further into spintronics. Researchers say that the risk is worth taking, keeping the demand and current challenges in electronics, in mind.

Image Source

An important application of spintronics is quantum computer which is a very powerful computer compared to the current ones.

The first public demo of a Quantum Computer in action

Image Source

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

A New Way of Moving Energy With Polaritions... Paves Way for the Future of Superconductors

The researchers have found a new way of moving energy from one point to another. A new form of matter is derived which melds the characteristics of lasers with those of the superconductors. This also introduces a new way of producing a light beam from a laser with low-energy. The new state is a solid filled with particles known as polaritions.

Image Source

Polaritions are energy particles which get trapped, slowed and fill the solid to make the new form of matter. These particles can move freely in specially designed optical structures. This they call as superfluids. They are superconductors in sold state. Basically they consolidate to act as single energy waves than individual particles.

Image Source

To create a superconductor in a traditional method requires extremely low temperatures. But the superfluids made of polarition particles are stable a higher temperature and may be at room temperatures also in the future.

Image Source

This if gets succeeded, the superconductors will become a reality and many of its applications can be realized.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blue Screen Effect in the Modern Movies

Many people might not know about this awesome technique used in modern movie production. But it is an integral part of the modern movies. In the past it was similar to something called traveling matte. The screening effect is called blue screen but the screen color need not be blue. The now famous movie “300” is completely based on this technique. Otherwise there cannot be a visual effect of the background.

Image Source

First the person is shot against a bluescreen and the video is later processed to put whatever background we want to put. For example, in the movie “300” the background, almost all of the time was done using bluescreen technique. This means that one need not actually go to a particular location but stay inside the film studio and shoot the film. After applying the technique everything will change.

Image Source

Image Source

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Tourism in France

Once in 2004 France was the most popular tourist destination in the world. France is one of the classics among tourist countries. Now the convenience of cheaper countries in Eastern Europe, its popularity has been diminished.

There are several tourist spots in the country. Mountain ranges, coastlines, castles, countryside and vineyard are some of them. Tourism in France accounts for the 6% of national income.

Louvre Museum, Musée d'Orsay, the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and cathedral of Notre-Dame and Disneyland Paris, are the notable tourist attraction in Paris.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Types of Tourism

There are several types of tourism which are not generally known to many people. But these make up an interesting reading.

Traveling to death sites or sites where disasters have occurred is referred to as Dark Tourism. Sex tourism is to have sex with prostitutes in a particular tourist spot. A traveler to whom traveling and discovery give pleasure than the destination is called Vacilando.

Common tourist practice of deciding the destination and booking accommodation by own without any agency in between is Free Independent Tourism. Mass Tourism involves many people taking tourism with the aid of an agency along with the fact that they move in a group. They utilize the tourism infrastructure to the maximum and thus following an ecotourism policy.

Space tourism is for vacation in outer space or on spaceships. Pilgrimage Tourism is obviously known. Perpetual Tourism is for those individuals who are always on one or other vacation and they just do it for pleasure, avoid tax or not to stay in a particular country.

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Saturday, September 01, 2007


Do not think that what I am going to tell you is already known to you. I do not literally mean that duping is duplicating something. But it is a term referred to in a video game for the action of duplicating an item or currency again and again to create multiples. Typically the game will be a persistent game. This is because of a bug/error in the game. This duping has several bad consequences not only in the game play but also in the real life.

When duping is done on an item it makes the game less thrilling depending upon often it is done and to what extent it is done. When a currency (virtual currency in an online video game) is duped then it will decrease the value of the currency thus affecting all other players. As the currency increases the supply increases and so the effective value of the currency reduces.

Nowadays online video games contain automatic detection of duping as part of the game. Because there is a real-money trading with virtual currency in the online games the duping affects real life for several people. In the reported case of EverQuest II’s duping in 2005, in a 24 hour period an unexpected rise of 20% was observed in the total money of the economy. The dupers sold this illegitimate currency in the station exchange for real money and made about $70,000.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Food Flavor is Causing Lung Disease

The California food flavoring workers were found to have an obstructive lung disease. This was a rare and life-threatening lung disease. This disease was also known as popcorn workers lung. It slowly eliminates lung capacity and necessitates a transplant.

Image Source

Artificial butter flavoring called diacetyle, which is used in microwave popcorn flavoring plants is linked with this disease. Many flavoring manufacturers have paid hundreds of million dollars for workers affected with this disease. Now the politicians and workers are on their way to ban this chemical. One death was also confirmed because of this.

Image Source

Image Source

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tea Antioxidants Found to Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer risk was observed to be less in those who take regular tea by researchers. EGCG, a tea oxidant is shown to reduce burning on ultraviolet exposed skin. However it is also found that those who have already had skin burns in the past, did not have the lower risk of skin cancer.

Image Source

Image Source

But it doesn’t mean that one can go and expose to sun all the time. Extreme exposures are not covered. The tea antioxidant might be just limiting the skin damage caused by moderate exposure and not extreme exposures.

Vegetables rich in antioxidants

Image Source

Image Source

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It is funny to know how some people trade stocks

I have started trading from six months ago. Along my journey I had experienced many ups and downs, especially the worst times ever. As it happened so I didn’t give up. I kept firm faith in the market. It kicked again and again. It also gave good gains. But I did not book the profits. Nor am I greedy nor am I a long term investor. But its just because I did not want to do what I have done in the previous crash. Crash came again slow but longest crash. And boiled down my portfolio. I thought I need some more research. That is how I ended up reading an article by a young guy.

The days were bad at that time. 9/11/2002 approached and the next he was fresh and convinced that he can short sell without fear. He did so. A stock starting from Rs.240. He shorted 400 shares. It went down and down. He was doing intraday as shorting for delivery is not allowed by brokerage the firm. He was just happy than ever to see it go down and down. To 200 and still down to 180.

Then the stock was classified to be in the lower circuit filter as it has lost 25% in intraday basis. The trading on this particular stock (and maybe a few others also), was stopped for a short period to bring traders into conscious state. Just after the trading resumed on this particular stock, it started going up. Our guy wasn’t convinced or content to take profit. He thought he will wait a little time as it has to come down. But unfortunately it was going up and up and even crossed 240. I do not understand how he was watching it go up like that. He just do not have a plan for trading. Finally he bought back the shares at Rs.242per share and ended up losing 800 for that day. Had he booked profits at 180 he would have made Rs.24000 in a single day.

Whenever I get lazy to book profits even after my stocks reach their targets I remember this poor guy and sell the shares.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another tip for memory boost

A new study conducted on medical students revealed that memory can be boosted up by 10 percent. This is achieved by those students who did move their eyes from side to side in the morning. It is similar to other exercise we do in the morning.

The doctors explain this by saying that the two hemispheres of brain interact with each other when eyes are moved from side to side.

Also revealed in the study is the reduction in false memory by15 percent. False memory means remembering misleading things which are not real but imagined memories.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

My portfolio diversified too much

I had diversified my stocks portfolio so much that now when all other stocks including the benchmark index is going up my net folio is going down.

It's basically because initially I had diversified my portfolio in such a manner so that not all stocks follow each other. They move with their own momentum with with the least correlation with the other stocks. Indeed this was the result of my frustration in the recent stock market crash globally.

I had sold those stocks which have given me 10-12% profits. One of them gave me 20.3% profits. One gave 10% while other two gave 12%. I started out with 8 stocks in my portfolio in this financial year. But to average out the losses in a particular stock I had diversified it more thereby increasing the risk. After selling these stocks, two of the four are still going up. While the remaining four in my folio started downtrend.

I am patient enough to wait for them reap profits. As I am targeting no less than a 10% profit it makes sense for me to wait for the stocks to reach their targets.

But it indeed is a good diversification because those stocks which have gone up gave me money. While others will also give when they reverse. On the other hand if I do not sell those stocks which have gone up, I would be simply happy to see that I am not losing anything while the profits are no better than the benchmark indices.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

10 Fascinating Facts About Lightning

Here are some fascinating facts about lightning that you should find amazing..

Lightning in the Open

Image Source

  • Lightning strikes the earth about 100 times every second on average.
  • Lightning bolt reaches 28000 degrees C, or five times the temperature on the surface of the sun.
  • The probability of an average citizen of USA to get struck by lightning is 1/35000.
  • The saying – lightning never strikes the same place is not true.
  • Lightning occurs more in Singapore.
  • People struck by lightning generally suffer instant death.
  • The Empire State building is struck 100 times each year.
  • Lightning can reach upto 100 miles.

  • The most common site on trees having scar is because of lightning. Sometimes all the trees together in a forest have scars because of lightning.
  • The chances of occurrence of lightning in the forest are high because trees are good conductors for discharge of clouds.

Lightning Photos

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Lightning Safety Tips

Image Source

A Forest Burnt by Lightning

Image Source

Indoor Lightning (Stay Away..)

Image Source

Empire State Building (One of the Tallest Buildings in the World)

Image Source

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Important Chart pattern for stock trading

For an average investor it may be difficult to do the necessary research on a particular company and find out if it is worth investing. But he can invest in a company by knowing certain chart patterns without the need for the company’s details. What makes it different is that it helps make decision based on investor sentiment.

Investor sentiment varies from time to time. So is the price of a stock. When times are skeptical the stock will start range trading. After the skepticism is over it rises again. This is the most important chart pattern. Whenever we find a stock to be range trading, it means that the stock is preparing for the next move. Most the times the move will be upwards which means that for example if you trade 10 different stocks 7 may go up and other down after buying.

Here patience plays an important role. In my experience I have seen that the stock goes up by min. of 10% after range trading. But when the move will start is uncertain. Sometimes a minor down move may occur. Be patient till you reap more than 10% gain, even if it takes four months. This is what I am currently testing. After four or six months I can analyze my trades and find out the average return.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

12% in UK suffered from online fraud

A recent survey found that 12% of online users have suffered from online fraud in UK. 16% people think that the responsibility rests with the banks. While some think that it was up to their internet service provider.

5% of surveyed suffered from online fraud while shopping, 3% had been victims of identity theft and 4% had their back account or credit card details stolen.

Lack of knowledge, firewall in the PC or anti-spyware and clicking links in spam messages are known to be the major causes.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

HIV-Test Mandatory Before Marriage?

Wondering this is for real or fake? Now the government is going to decide to make the HIV-Test mandatory before marriage so as stop spreading HIV further.

It is the Karnataka Government in India was examining the proposal of Health Minister. It is well known by now that many unsuspecting women have married men with HIV positive. This is terrible.

But what remains is that the whole world follows a policy of non-disclosure of blood test results (or HIV results) to anybody including the subject. If the test is made mandatory then it creates another problem in the society. How is the bride or bridegroom going to decide to cancel the engagement if the result is HIV positive? It can lead to chaos in the society.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Work-At-Home is Risky for Health

Often we can see that those who work at home do not use proper ergonomic guidelines and thus land in many injuries. One such deadly illness is the problem of blood clot formation in legs. It generally happens when a person sits for long hours without stretching. Flight travels and non-ergonomic work environment often lead to these problems.

Without ergonomic guidelines one will get a lot of other problems. All are listed under the category – repetitive stress injury. In a previous blog, I talked about the necessity of ergonomics for work-at-home.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Woman’s anger

Now those women who cannot control anger and who are more ill-tempered than others can blame that on their genes. A study reveals that hypertension is related to genes and this makes them more vulnerable to diseases.

How is a woman’s anger is related to the genes? Researchers found that a gene helps produce serotonin, a brain chemical that regulates emotions and moods, which is linked with lower aggression and anger in humans and animals. An alteration in the promoter region of the a specific receptor gene is said to found in the aggressive and angry women.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Chocolates Can Save Us from Cancer, Heart Disease and Strokes

Recent study says that a particular chemical compound called Epicatechin found in cocoa beans is as important to medicine as penicillin or anesthesia. Even when people become prone to attack and they take cocoa they are less likely to die.

It is said that the chemical compound Epicatechin improves health by relaxing blood vessels and improving circulation. Also one suffering from dementia, impotence, and pre-eclampsia, a life-threatening complication of pregnancy, can benefit from these cocoa chocolates.

In a previous blog I had written about the same cocoa benefiting memory.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wikipedia is once again in trouble

The free online encyclopedia is reported to have a collection of nearly one and half million articles while the Britannica Encyclopedia has only 120,000 articles. Once in the past Microsoft is alleged to have hired some one to post about their products on Wikipedia. After all it is easy to do so by any person because Wikipedia allows anonymous postings. Now a poster claiming to be a professor of theology turned out to be a 24-year-old college dropout discovered by The New Yorker.

The college dropout reported to be an expert in religious studies with the pseudo name ‘Essjay’ while his real name was Ryan Jordan.

This has made the Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales take steps to tighten the reigns on anonymous postings. He says that users can conceal their identities but to claim expertise in a particular subject they have to prove their credentials.

While Wikipedia is great source of information, it does not give balanced view on a particular topic. Both the cranks and experts are treated on the same level. This makes the information on the Wiki to be unreliable but a good starting point to learn.

If compared with Helium, helium is best place to get some useful answers because it claims to give answers without anonymity of members and ranks the information based on peer reviews.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cell phone calls do not interfere with medical equipment in Hospitals

Cellular phone calls are discovered not to interfere with medical facilities in hospitals. This dispels the long-held notion that they are unsafe to use in hospitals. But other technological devices like CD players and anti-theft devices fitted in stores can affect the functioning of patient care equipment.

For example implanted heart devices can malfunction in the presence of CD players and anti-theft devices installed in stores. Perhaps the store employees must learn to move away those people having troubles.

I think this could be because of the frequency of operation of the device and also voltage. For cellular phones, they operate at very high frequencies like Gigahertz while CD players operate at lesser frequencies in the range of few Kilohertz. The medical equipment in hospitals and patient care equipment also operate at low frequencies. Indeed they are designed for a specific person and not for communication. So the frequency and the sphere of influence are limited. So is the case with CD players.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

She is awake for only 14 days in this century!!!

Actually she has been awake for 12 days as reported on 9th of March. But I added two more days taking for granted that she is still awake. Ms Christa Lilly had slipped into sleep in November 2000 after a heart attack and stroke. Since then she had slept for more than six years. She is 49-year-old woman. She also gave an interview to a TV station in Colorado.

This is what an article says:

“Her doctors say she is in a vegetative state but that it is not persistent and that she is not in a coma. They describe her condition as "minimally conscious". Her eyes are open, but they focus on the ceiling all day and her body is rigid. She cannot walk or communicate, has no awareness and has to be fed through a tube into her stomach.”

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

60% of American Women Sleep Poorly

Many work-at-home mothers and American women are discovered to be lacking enough sleep. After all sleep is very essential part of our lives like food and home. If deprived of sleep it makes people crazy, leads to poor memory and creates lot of confusion. It can also affect emotional relationships.

In a survey by National Sleep Foundation, it is discovered that 60% of American women are sleeping poorly. This is affecting many aspects of their lives. No time for relationships, friends, stressed out and too tired for having sex with partner are the tough consequences they are facing.

Stay-at-home mothers ranking the most percentage after which working mothers, then single working women are ranked.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Snoring Causes the Partner to Lose Two Hours of Nights’ Sleep

I found it very difficult to sleep if somebody is snoring while sleeping. We should sleep before they sleep. Sometimes if I get up in the mid of the night to find that someone is snoring then it becomes little difficult to get to sleep.

It is discovered that in UK 85 percent of couples had snoring problems with their partners. Out of them 55 percent have affected their sexual relationship because of snoring.

For those who live alone it may not be a problem. But for couples it can become a big problem if not taken care of.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Study Finds That Scents Can Boost Memory

What all can we do for improving memory? We certainly know may tips to improve memory. The more you try to remember frequently the more you can remember. Now you have another tip to add in your basket.

It is already known that adequate sleep is needed to improve memory. Now a German study finds that scents can boost memory. It also says that it worked for certain types of memories and during only certain stages of sleep. So it will not work for those wanting a quick boost of memory.

Those who smelled scent during deep sleep were reported to be able remembered better than those who didn’t smell. While those who smelled during REM sleep did not get any memory boost.

So it depends on the individual. Or we may put roses near the bed so that we can smell all though the sleep. It also makes feel happy.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Kate Winslet has accepted a libel settlement with a magazine

A magazine claimed that actress Kate Winslet has visited a diet doctor. She has more concerns regarding her body/weight issues, while she reported to be actually visiting a doctor for a neck problem.

Grazia magazine has reported that she was concerned about her weight. This magazine has apologized and accepted that she went to doctor in connection with a neck problem.

She got a substantial settlement from the magazine and that will be donated to an eating disorder charity.

She was nominated for best actress at this year's Oscars.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Want to buy Britney’s hair? Be ready with a million dollars!!!

Disclaimer: These are the views of the author only and should not be taken in anyway seriously or as a public matter. The author is neither liable nor responsible for the actions/damages resulting from this article.

It is really not a funny thing to know that the hair of bald Britney has been put on sale. I wondered why these people are doing crazy things. I imagined that each of her hairs might be sold. Then what about the authenticity of that hair? My doubts got cleared after I’ve read the news. In between I wondered who is going to buy her hair for a million dollars (or even more after the auction) because sooner or later she will get her full grown hair.

The saloon where she has cut her hair, the owner being Esther Tognozzi, had decided to sell her hair on eBay. Soon it was pulled out from eBay and he started a website called to sell directly. But beware! The starting bid is one million dollars.

One may think of this as an investment if he keeps it protected and sells later when her hair stops growing (may be when she gets older). Whatever it is there are many auctions going on claiming that they have her hair, clippers or something she used at the time of cutting her hair.

Someone says that it is a good investment when she breaks mentally or commits suicide so that it can be sold.

This is what a news article says about the money that comes after selling:

“If it seems as though the salon is cashing in on a young woman's very obvious mental deterioration in the most grotesquely opportunistic way, then you're wrong - a portion of the money raised will go to charity. True - it's only 0.002% and it's going to the Esther Tognozzi Wants Nicer Shoes charity, but it's a start.”

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Can chocolates benefit brain and improve memory?

Do you eat chocolates? I used to eat. I stopped eating chocolates after coming to know that it is not a health food. It can even affect out teeth. I think most of the people knew these things about chocolates. As I was crawling through the web I found an interesting news. Many students generally eat chocolates and other stuff while working night-outs just before the exam.

A recent study says that the chocolates benefit the brain and memory. They stimulate the flow of blood to the brain and thus benefit the functioning of brain. I had just found it on Google news.

Some say that the effect of chocolates in stimulating or creating alertness is distinct from the stimulating effect of caffeine on the brain. Some other say that the chocolates are nevertheless unhealthy food.

I am confused whether to eat chocolates or not. I am thinking that the artificial stimulation whether it is from chocolate or caffeine must be having some side-effect. Unless needed in emergency or highly profitable business I decided not to take them. Also being a youngster makes me feel like take good care of my future health.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises refer to those physical exercises that we like to do most. They are not so tough to do. But it is only that we can do them for a long duration. The term aerobic is used to refer to oxygen because the energy is generated out of this exercise with the utilization of oxygen.

For example, running or walking is done for a long duration but we do not generally put a lot of effort to do them. Swimming and bicycling also come into this category. Now one can understand what is an aerobic exercise. The intensity of the exercise is moderate and done for a long duration.

Then what are the benefits of this type of exercise? It reduces the blood pressure and most important for adults and older people. Our muscles used for respiration get strength and improve our respiratory abilities. Reduce troubles associated with lungs. Easy breathing and pumping of the blood by heart becomes efficient. Red blood cells also increase as the oxygen is needed for this exercise.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Can We Really Accomplish An Armageddon Mission Planned for Future?

Have you seen the movie ‘Armageddon’? The movie depicts the deflection of asteroid away from earth by splitting it into two. In reality also there is an asteroid that is going to threaten our future life on earth by 2029. Here’s what NASA planned.

The movie ‘Armageddon’ was really wonderful as it depicted an adventure by men to save the future of earth. The asteroid shown in the movie was too big to handle with nuclear bombs. As it is only a science fiction film all inaccuracies will work as long as it thrills the audience. It was a nice movie after all.

The same threat is present in our real life also. The year 2029 was predicted to have the effect of asteroid impact on earth. There is an asteroid called ‘Apophis’ which was detected by NASA to be coming into the orbit of moon by April 2029. The impact would be severe. It would erase all of the life on earth. Its mass was estimated to be 1,000,000 kg. This threat led NASA to plan for a future mission to blast off the asteroid before it can hit and to deflect it away from earth.

Surely enough it must have been inspired by the movie. The science fiction writers have so much creativity that they indirectly define a part of the future but do get the credit for it.

The mission was planned to be unmanned unlike in the movie. It will carry missile interceptor vehicles and a nuclear warhead. It will have tens of tons of kg of weight. The launch dates were decided to be around 2020-2021. There is also a plan for what type of warhead to use. A nuclear or a kinetic or a solar depending upon the composition of the asteroid. For that purpose there is a plan to send an observer spacecraft to the asteroid.

So far so good. But would it be really possible to accomplish such a mission to save the planet earth or its inhabitants? There can be any possibility. We are not really so successful in studying the outside space and other planets. If an observer spacecraft crashes, all the money is just gone without use. It happened in the past. It may also happen that the asteroid may not really impact on the earth as the NASA predicts.

But there is evidence of meteorite impacts on earth in the past. The major impacts date back to tens of thousands of years with time gaps of many thousands of years. The impact may indeed happen as it has been a long time after a major asteroid or a meteoroid impact. If it is so, we have to see in the future how our defense systems and technologies develop to avoid it.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Do you think Google will ban the “dofollow” blogs?

The nofollow tags were suggested by google and were used by many bloggers and website administrators mainly to avoid spamming the webpages. But some bloggers intentionally have started avoiding this for a PR friendly blog network. Does google ban these sites?

Getting a page rank for your blog or a website is not only a tough task but time consuming. In the past years it was not so tough to do that. But with the development of internet and growing number of users the webpages and blogs have increased tremendously. Now the present scenario does not make it easy to get a valid backlinks which a search engine can consider for giving a page rank.

The bloggers found that commenting on other blogs is not only useful for marketing our blog but also is a useful way to rank higher in search enginies. They have started posting comments wherever possible. Wherever an open space is left for the anonymous reader to post his comments or some text, the webmasters have started posting links even if they don’t have any relation with the website. This has become spamming and google decided to eliminate it by simply creating a new tag called nofollow and recommend bloggers to use it to avoid the links in comments to be considered as a backlink. Thus the backlinks with the nofollow tags have become useless in terms of search engines and people stopped posting unnecessary spam.

Even then the nofollow links help getting some visitors in the long run. What the most important thing is to get a pagerank as many advertisers want to advertise on ranked blogs or websites. Most of the blogging is for money. So there came a community or group of bloggers who decided to become friendly and post circular links have starting do follow blogging.

Dofollow bloggers do not use nofollow blogs. Thus the links posted in comments are valuable backlinks. This is very desirable for many bloggers. As it is very tough to find a site without a nofollow tag, these dofollow tags naturally attract a lot of traffic and comments. This makes them get updated regularly and also many bloggers link to those blogs. So in turn their pages rank higher and higher.

The only fear that I have with this is that whether google may consider these blogs to be spam done intentionally and may ban them from search engine. If this happens even then it is not a big problem as the links will get some traffic because dofollow these blogs are rare in the present scenario.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This time to the reddish north pole in search of whitish land

The quest for search of life on other planets has long interest the scientist as well as writers and people in general. NASA has taken it serious to uncover the truth. They are targeting the north of Mars with the new space craft.

The NASA has launched the spacecraft Phoenix to the North Pole of the red planet Mars. It has become known allover the world. They say that it is a 10 month journey for the spacecraft and it is going to travel 423 million miles of distance in space from Earth to Mars. It was blasted at the Cape Canaveral Air Force station.

The aim of this robot is to search for the ice present in the underground of the North Pole. The odyssey spacecraft built by NASA revolves around Mars. It has given evidence for the vast amount of ice present underground at both poles of the planet. Now the mission is designed to verify this. The mission cost $420 million. The previous landings of Opportunity and Spirit were not on the Poles. This is the first time to target the North Pole.

The previous attempt at the South Pole has foiled in that the space craft has crashed when tried to touch down landing in 1999. This time it was not done like that. The landing will be done with the help of parachutes and air bags. It also has a risk of landing in the summer. I am not sure whether the summer of May here in the next year will also be a summer on the red planet. If that is the case this spacecraft may crash.

The robot was designed in such a way that its arm can dig two feet into the soil. This will help it dig into underground ice if present. It also has ovens to do some chemical analysis on the soil which it collects. The microscope and camera help it understand the nature of ice and soil.

The spacecraft has been equipped with a collection of DVD containing a library of literature about Mars in the last two centuries. This will help the future human landers to discover and wonder over it. Ofcourse to make sure this happens, the equipment is constructed to survive for five centuries on the planet.

We can hope it will become a successful mission to uncover the water and the forms of life on the red planet that intrigued us for so long.

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Change of writing style for blogs

After writing many blog posts it appears that a passive style of writing does not seem to attract the audience. It now became imperative to change the style.

Previously I used to write my blog posts just like writing for academic purposes. The writing style should be good. But I do not know why I do not seem to get any comments. When I used to write in a community blog it was easier to get comments. If I remember the situations where I got most comments, it becomes clear that the writing from my own experience or writing in an active narration or communicating my personal opinion etc, have attracted more comments than any other highly informative articles.

It means that thought the articles may be informative but if it is like too much for a reader he thinks that it is for information only and does not feel like putting his own thoughts in the comments. After all why do I want comments? It just gives me satisfaction that people are like minded similar to me and thus I get a sense of friendliness towards audience. This will improve my writing and creativity further.

Whereas the active style or the style recommended for academic purposes or that similar to a newspaper does not seem to compel the reader to post comments. That is the reason I have decided to change the style of writing for my blogs. You can post your ideas on what style you use for your blog and why you think it is better? I would appreciate it.

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How would it be if your computer laughs occasionally?

The computer can laugh at you when you land in an embarrassing situation. This is the fate of future computers which may be designed by the researchers at Ohio.

The researchers at Ohio are trying hard to workaround a computer which will laugh when you crack jokes. Although the research is not yet complete the researchers are facing many challenges in developing such a computer.

Presently the researchers at Ohio have developed a program called bot to understand jokes. This is the software that they load into a robot before putting on the market. This artificial sense of humor is not a complete one as it is only related with jokes involving puns. Pun means the humorous use of a word to another that sounds the same.

These researchers have really learnt about words and the combinations of words which make fun. Thus they have created a database where the different combinations of words create humor. This will help the software understand jokes or spot jokes.

The researchers figured out that the bot misses some jokes based on pun. It also misses other types of jokes. The presentation of the program was done recently at the American Association for AI conference in Vancouver, Canada.

How do you like if your computer laughs occasionally at your jokes> I would like it for fun. I will try more ways of joking and test its patience. If there is a way to get different types of laughing of the computer for different jokes, I will use my sense of humor and creativity to have more fun. This will certainly be an entertainment in between our tight schedules of work.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

The Moons are the Lords of the Rings for Saturn

Saturn’s rings are mysterious as they stay where they are and scientists are unable to figure out why. As the rings rotate around Saturn they must become unstable. But that is not the case.

The G ring of Saturn contains dust particles and grains of ice. These grains of ice are very minute in structure. But the ring is 168,000 km away from the center of the planet. It is similar to other two rings E and F.

The minute particles of dust and ice should actually be disturbed from the orbit when they rotate around Saturn at high speeds. But the scientists found it is not the case. The only possibility could either be that some way the new material is getting generated and added to the rings or the center of gravity of these particles is balanced by the gravitational force of some other object and Saturn.

Scientists were able to figure out the reasons. The E ring is supplied new particles by the moon of Saturn Enceladus. The other ring F is maintained with gravitational balance by the moon Prometheus. They conclude that the G ring is not supported by either way. It is not near a moon. This is still a mystery to them.

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

An auto insurance coverage for your needs

Auto insurance is something like life insurance. But the coverage will be for your automobile instead of you. The beneficiary will be you.

The rush hours and busy schedules of our life style force us to look for an insurance coverage in case any damage occurs for our vehicles. We take care of ourselves by taking a life insurance coverage. But to take care of our vehicle we need this auto insurance. For that of course we need to get quote insurance auto before taking the coverage.

We need to get quotes from different insurers so as to sort out the one which particularly suits our needs. The advantageauto quotes serves that purpose by letting find quotes from different insurers. All this can be done online. The advantage you get is the competitive advantage when several insurers compete to give you the insurance.

The advantageauto quotes finds quotes from insurers for all your needs. Whether you are teenage driver - teen driver auto policy or a driver with bad record or good record you will get quotes that are competitive. Surely good record gives the cheapest quotes. But nevertheless the advantage of insurers competing for quotes cannot be undermines at the advantageauto quotes.

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

What Kind of Mysterious Bond Exists in Groups of Nanotubes?

There seems to a kind of binding and cooperative force that exists within groups of nanotubes. This is not the case with individual tubes. It is like the bond between groups of living beings. The relation binds them together. But what is it with nanotubes?

This mysterious force was observed when the nanotubes are tested for their fatigue. The nanotubes are compressed over and again. Every second for over 100 hours. But they found that the groups of nanotubes are regaining their original shape even after hundreds of thousands of repetitive compressions.

The researches found that when the nanotubes are compressed they become like zigzag tubes. They are actually getting compressed and the shape is modified under the application of pressure. But immediately after releasing the pressure they are able to regain their original shape exactly as they were before. This recovery from exhaustive fatigue has attracted lot of researches and has become an important property of nanotubes.

Now researchers think that this property can be used to create artificial muscles. Why because the muscles respond by expanding after a stimulus. This is rather a smooth motion than a jerky one unlike with electric motors or pneumatic devices. Thus nanotubes are found to be useful for building artificial muscles. They are like the intricate structures found in the human body.

The invention of nanotubes has been really intriguing as they are the most advanced technology available today.

The same is not applicable with individual nanotubes. The researchers found this fatigue recovery property only with large groups of nanotubes rather than individual nanotubes. They did not understand the reason for this. There seems to some kind of mysterious force that binds them and lets them cooperate under pressure.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Where Can We Find the Golden Ratio in Real Life?

The golden ratio has a special significance for many artists, architects and mathematicians as well. Because of its interesting properties it has been used in many real life situations.

The various artists have used the golden ratio as a rectangle. An artist uses it to size the portrait or landscape. The golden ratio comes when the ratio of the longer side of the rectangle to the shorter side is equal to ratio of the sum of both sides to the longer side. It has many unique properties as well and hence attracted the attention of mathematicians.

Many terms are there which refer to this ratio. For example, golden section, golden cut, mean of Phidias, extreme ratio, divine proportion etc. The exact value of this is determined to be (1 + square_root(5) ) / 2. Thus it is an irrational number. Its approximately equal to 1.618.

The Parthenon was constructed to indicate the golden ratio in its architecture. Its rectangular shape and all the rectangles present in it are having the golden ratio embedded in them.

The most famous Fibonacci series has the golden ratio in relation the ratio of the successive Fibonacci numbers.

Some spiral plants like phyllotaxis go also have a Fibonacci relationship and hence golden ratio coming into picture.

The Great pyramid of Gaza also includes the golden ratio in its inclination angle.

Some text books and note books have golden ratio in their size.

The Visa and Master Card are designed with golden ratio. This is done because the research found that the golden ratio gives beauty to the objects.

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