Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A merchant account for your business

Do you Accept Credit Card Payments for your business transactions? Do you have a merchant account to do that? Or did you not find a service that can open a merchant account for your business? No matter what your business is the Advantage Processors provide merchant account for both online and offline credit card processing.

With Advantage Processors, now opening a merchant account is just easy. They offer merchant account services for various business needs. They process for both low risk and high risk merchant accounts. You can Accept Visa/Mastercard for your transactions with your client. From hotels, retail shops where offline credit card swiping is done, to offshore international card processing and online dating services, Advantage processors provide their merchant accounts.

For more information on various things related to merchant account processing like credit card processing rates, types of merchant accounts, accepting credit card payments, high risk and low risk merchant account etc., you can refer to Information here.

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Anonymous said...

Is this card processor new in the biz? I thought this article I read relates a lot and will prove useful: Insider Tricks to Successful Merchant Account Application

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