Friday, June 29, 2007

Playing Video Games is Not an Addiction

Many people consider playing video games to be an addiction. This is mainly because the players refuse to stop playing. They gradually spend more of their time in playing than anything else. And what not they even look out for similar games once a game is finished.

The American Medical Association reported that it is not an addiction. There was a heated debate that went on to conclude that it is not an addiction but the data available is insufficient to conclude so. More study is needed to support that it is an addiction.

However their study also revealed that 12 percent are more addicted to the online and video games in Britain. They base this assumption on conditions similar to addiction to alcohol. Alcoholics never tend to give up and at some point of time end up losing time without working, bathing or even eating. They say that in the US 10 to 15 percent are affected by overuse of the video games.

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Online Casinos said...

So it's addiction after all. I've been debating this with my mom before. I can still eat and sleep and do other stuffs other than playing video games. I don't believe that just because I spend a lot of time playing video games I am then a video game addict.

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