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How is the Other Partner Affected When One Partner Snores During Sleep?

How many times did you find yourself awake for more time because somebody beside you was snoring? What if that somebody was your life partner?

Snoring Reality

I always found it difficult to get to sleep if somebody was snoring while sleeping. Many people have this habit although we generally ignore it. It is not very much noticed because it is now a part of our life. Some people snore loudly with long breath cycles and some people do it fast with lesser sound effects. It is also difficult to get back to sleep if we get up in the middle of the night while someone is snoring.

We should not make them feel bad by pointing fingers at them about their snoring. It is not something they do intentionally but it is the conditioning of their body. Some medical treatment can help.

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What If the Snorer is Your Life Partner?

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But nevertheless it is important to learn the effects of this in the context of a husband and wife life relationship. In a different relationship for example, friends, cousins, parents, relatives etc., it is easy to perhaps tell them to sleep away from us or just tell them to lower the sound. During the night when they are sleeping they may listen to us without much worry. But it becomes even tough situation to handle if the other person is your husband or wife because you cannot tell your partner to sleep at a distance from you.

What are the Effects Concluded from Research?

A research is carried out in United Kingdom to find the effects of a snoring partner in a couple. Here are the key discoveries of this research
  1. They discovered that 85% of couples had snoring problems with their partners.
  2. Out of them 55% have affected their sexual relationship because of snoring.
  3. It is also noted that the partner in a snoring couple, on average loses about two hours of nights’ sleep.

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Well, it may seem like trivial when you look at the average number of hours of lost sleep. But some couples may be having a bad time. They may be losing more hours and must be facing its repercussion effects. Their daily work efficiency or daily life timings may be affected.

If You Can't Adapt... How Can You Help Yourself?

Many people actually get adapted to sleep because we can consider that sound to be like that of a fan. So the lesson you can take from this research is to
  1. understand that there are many people facing this problem and you are not alone
  2. also understand that our body can adapt to partner’s snoring sounds
  3. also understand that only few will be affected badly and if you are among them
  4. consider going to a specialist for help

Don’t neglect it or postpone it if it is severely affecting different aspects of your life. Sleep is the most important component of our life and we regularly sleep without fail. I can’t think of any thing that we do for prolonged period of time regularly every day all through the life time.

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