Friday, January 31, 2014

Special Shows at Warwick Castle

While England has many tourism spots especially from recent history, there is a trend of exhibiting something near to a tourist spot. Like the 4D show featuring the construction phase of London Eye at London Eye.  
Same way Warwick Castle has several exhibitions at different times. There is a birds of prey show that has some impressive shows of beautiful and powerful birds (vultures, owls, eagles etc.) soaring and gliding around Castle’s towers. 
There is some history of reported haunting of King Henry at Warwick Castle. When four bodies were mysteriously found in the castle, Henry was rumored to have returned to take revenge for the murder of his wife in the castle. Hence there is a show Ghosts of Warwick Castle telling horror tales about this haunted castle. 
Merlin Entertainment has recently hosted horror shows of dungeons. Warwick Castle is known for its dark history in its dungeons. Dungeons After Dark is not a show but an experience of evening with a trip through Castle Dungeon, banquet & live entertainment. 
Now all these things are going to put big hole in your pockets. It is an expensive tourism as it costs 10 pounds to even park your car at the Castle
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