Monday, October 01, 2007

A wiki page for vacations

Ever thought about having a webpage similar to wiki not just for information purpose but also for other purposes? Vacations wiki does the same simply by being a wiki for vacations.

A wiki page is a webpage which can be created, edited, modified or deleted by the users who read it. This has lot of uses in the present scenario. The most intricate details of any thing can be understood or the different elements of an idea can be known through wiki pages. Although there are several forums, discussion groups and other websites to serve similar kind of purposes they all lack the intimacy which a wiki page gives to the users/editors. A wikipage for vacations simply gives only vacation information or related to travel etc.

With a vacation wiki page one can organize plans for a vacation or tour from his experience so that other users can benefit from it. This is like a mutual benefit for everyone. Here clearly sharing of experiences and knowledge or information is involved. But this will greatly reduce the time for many people to plan or carryout their vacation plans.

Most of all a vacation wiki page loads faster than any other vacation forum or other related pages simply loaded with bulky ads.

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