Sunday, September 23, 2007

This is what I have replied in email to blogsvertise


My problem is not in putting anchor texts or writing anything but the blog is not accessible now as the blog host server has crashed since three to four months. I couldn't remove the blog once I add it to the blogsvertise system.

I update one of my blogs regularly.

But nobody seems to care about it. Whereas the writingup blog is not at all accessible, people assign tasks to that blog only even when I cannot post anything to that junk blog.

I understand why this is happening. People just want pagerank no matter whether the blog exists or not. All of my other blogs are not having any page rank and hence they are not submitting tasks to them.

We cannot really pass page rank to advertisers' sites without losing our page rank. Which means that blogsvertise's method of advertising is error prone. It will not work in the long run. That's why people are giving second chance, third chance and so on. There is no way I can post unless the server resumes.

Anyway I cannot delete my blogs nor can I post any tasks. So I am shifting to blogitive. They do not bother about page rank but only about traffic and regular posting. If we post regularly then traffic will come automatically. That is the reason why blogitive network is growing while blogsvertise network is shrinking.

Bye. bye. blogsvertise.

If you want to improve the system, try to assign the tasks to the blogs which are updated regularly and are active irrespective of their page rank. Then only you and I can profit from it.


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