Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises refer to those physical exercises that we like to do most. They are not so tough to do. But it is only that we can do them for a long duration. The term aerobic is used to refer to oxygen because the energy is generated out of this exercise with the utilization of oxygen.

For example, running or walking is done for a long duration but we do not generally put a lot of effort to do them. Swimming and bicycling also come into this category. Now one can understand what is an aerobic exercise. The intensity of the exercise is moderate and done for a long duration.

Then what are the benefits of this type of exercise? It reduces the blood pressure and most important for adults and older people. Our muscles used for respiration get strength and improve our respiratory abilities. Reduce troubles associated with lungs. Easy breathing and pumping of the blood by heart becomes efficient. Red blood cells also increase as the oxygen is needed for this exercise.

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