Sunday, September 09, 2007

Herbaceous Border for Your Garden

Popularly known in the United Kingdom, the herbaceous borders are used in gardens in the Victorean era. This is a collection of soft-stemmed or non-woody perennials arranged together. This is done in order to create a dramatic effect to the garden in different colors and shapes.

herbacious perennial gardens

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In US the term perennial border is used for this. A British 20th century garden designer and a prolific writer, Gertrude Jekyll, has written books on herbaceous borders. Thus he popularized the use of these borders for gardens through a revival of the British cottage garden.

area perennials

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herbaceous border

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To create herbaceous borders it takes a lot of hardwork. It is because the perennials have to be dug up regularly every 3-4 years. They need to be divided to keep the bed clean and control the growth of plants. But for the beauty they add to gardens it is worth the effort!

beautiful flower in the herbaceous garden

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