Sunday, September 02, 2007

Types of Tourism

There are several types of tourism which are not generally known to many people. But these make up an interesting reading.

Traveling to death sites or sites where disasters have occurred is referred to as Dark Tourism. Sex tourism is to have sex with prostitutes in a particular tourist spot. A traveler to whom traveling and discovery give pleasure than the destination is called Vacilando.

Common tourist practice of deciding the destination and booking accommodation by own without any agency in between is Free Independent Tourism. Mass Tourism involves many people taking tourism with the aid of an agency along with the fact that they move in a group. They utilize the tourism infrastructure to the maximum and thus following an ecotourism policy.

Space tourism is for vacation in outer space or on spaceships. Pilgrimage Tourism is obviously known. Perpetual Tourism is for those individuals who are always on one or other vacation and they just do it for pleasure, avoid tax or not to stay in a particular country.

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