Saturday, September 01, 2007


Do not think that what I am going to tell you is already known to you. I do not literally mean that duping is duplicating something. But it is a term referred to in a video game for the action of duplicating an item or currency again and again to create multiples. Typically the game will be a persistent game. This is because of a bug/error in the game. This duping has several bad consequences not only in the game play but also in the real life.

When duping is done on an item it makes the game less thrilling depending upon often it is done and to what extent it is done. When a currency (virtual currency in an online video game) is duped then it will decrease the value of the currency thus affecting all other players. As the currency increases the supply increases and so the effective value of the currency reduces.

Nowadays online video games contain automatic detection of duping as part of the game. Because there is a real-money trading with virtual currency in the online games the duping affects real life for several people. In the reported case of EverQuest II’s duping in 2005, in a 24 hour period an unexpected rise of 20% was observed in the total money of the economy. The dupers sold this illegitimate currency in the station exchange for real money and made about $70,000.

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