Thursday, September 06, 2007

A New Way of Moving Energy With Polaritions... Paves Way for the Future of Superconductors

The researchers have found a new way of moving energy from one point to another. A new form of matter is derived which melds the characteristics of lasers with those of the superconductors. This also introduces a new way of producing a light beam from a laser with low-energy. The new state is a solid filled with particles known as polaritions.

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Polaritions are energy particles which get trapped, slowed and fill the solid to make the new form of matter. These particles can move freely in specially designed optical structures. This they call as superfluids. They are superconductors in sold state. Basically they consolidate to act as single energy waves than individual particles.

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To create a superconductor in a traditional method requires extremely low temperatures. But the superfluids made of polarition particles are stable a higher temperature and may be at room temperatures also in the future.

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This if gets succeeded, the superconductors will become a reality and many of its applications can be realized.

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