Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Drink Tomato Soup. Discover Why?

Latest research reveals the direct beneficial effect of tomato on men’s health. So take tomato soup regularly to achieve that benefit. What benefit is tomato giving compared to other fruits or veggies?

The tomato soup has many beneficial effects on the human body. Besides that, it is sweet and sour at the same time. That makes this vegetable great for many dishes. It is known that the tomatoes contain antioxidants which are used for treatment of cancer, heart strokes and neurodegenerative diseases. There is a special benefit for men from the tomatoes.

The same tomatoes are found to improve the fertility in men. The lycopene present in tomatoes is found to boost the fertility. The researchers have studied the effect of tomato soup regularly in men for two weeks. They discovered that the level of lycopene in their semen has risen significantly. The study found that the antioxidants from these tomatoes help improve fertility by popping up harmful free radicals in the body.

There is a plan yet for the same research to carry out on the men with infertility. This will let us know how beneficial it for infertility problem.

Papaya, watermelon, guava, grapefruit also do contain lycopene and imply that they are also useful for boosting infertility.

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