Saturday, August 04, 2007

What Kind of Mysterious Bond Exists in Groups of Nanotubes?

There seems to a kind of binding and cooperative force that exists within groups of nanotubes. This is not the case with individual tubes. It is like the bond between groups of living beings. The relation binds them together. But what is it with nanotubes?

This mysterious force was observed when the nanotubes are tested for their fatigue. The nanotubes are compressed over and again. Every second for over 100 hours. But they found that the groups of nanotubes are regaining their original shape even after hundreds of thousands of repetitive compressions.

The researches found that when the nanotubes are compressed they become like zigzag tubes. They are actually getting compressed and the shape is modified under the application of pressure. But immediately after releasing the pressure they are able to regain their original shape exactly as they were before. This recovery from exhaustive fatigue has attracted lot of researches and has become an important property of nanotubes.

Now researchers think that this property can be used to create artificial muscles. Why because the muscles respond by expanding after a stimulus. This is rather a smooth motion than a jerky one unlike with electric motors or pneumatic devices. Thus nanotubes are found to be useful for building artificial muscles. They are like the intricate structures found in the human body.

The invention of nanotubes has been really intriguing as they are the most advanced technology available today.

The same is not applicable with individual nanotubes. The researchers found this fatigue recovery property only with large groups of nanotubes rather than individual nanotubes. They did not understand the reason for this. There seems to some kind of mysterious force that binds them and lets them cooperate under pressure.

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