Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How would it be if your computer laughs occasionally?

The computer can laugh at you when you land in an embarrassing situation. This is the fate of future computers which may be designed by the researchers at Ohio.

The researchers at Ohio are trying hard to workaround a computer which will laugh when you crack jokes. Although the research is not yet complete the researchers are facing many challenges in developing such a computer.

Presently the researchers at Ohio have developed a program called bot to understand jokes. This is the software that they load into a robot before putting on the market. This artificial sense of humor is not a complete one as it is only related with jokes involving puns. Pun means the humorous use of a word to another that sounds the same.

These researchers have really learnt about words and the combinations of words which make fun. Thus they have created a database where the different combinations of words create humor. This will help the software understand jokes or spot jokes.

The researchers figured out that the bot misses some jokes based on pun. It also misses other types of jokes. The presentation of the program was done recently at the American Association for AI conference in Vancouver, Canada.

How do you like if your computer laughs occasionally at your jokes> I would like it for fun. I will try more ways of joking and test its patience. If there is a way to get different types of laughing of the computer for different jokes, I will use my sense of humor and creativity to have more fun. This will certainly be an entertainment in between our tight schedules of work.

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