Monday, August 06, 2007

The Moons are the Lords of the Rings for Saturn

Saturn’s rings are mysterious as they stay where they are and scientists are unable to figure out why. As the rings rotate around Saturn they must become unstable. But that is not the case.

The G ring of Saturn contains dust particles and grains of ice. These grains of ice are very minute in structure. But the ring is 168,000 km away from the center of the planet. It is similar to other two rings E and F.

The minute particles of dust and ice should actually be disturbed from the orbit when they rotate around Saturn at high speeds. But the scientists found it is not the case. The only possibility could either be that some way the new material is getting generated and added to the rings or the center of gravity of these particles is balanced by the gravitational force of some other object and Saturn.

Scientists were able to figure out the reasons. The E ring is supplied new particles by the moon of Saturn Enceladus. The other ring F is maintained with gravitational balance by the moon Prometheus. They conclude that the G ring is not supported by either way. It is not near a moon. This is still a mystery to them.

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