Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Do you think Google will ban the “dofollow” blogs?

The nofollow tags were suggested by google and were used by many bloggers and website administrators mainly to avoid spamming the webpages. But some bloggers intentionally have started avoiding this for a PR friendly blog network. Does google ban these sites?

Getting a page rank for your blog or a website is not only a tough task but time consuming. In the past years it was not so tough to do that. But with the development of internet and growing number of users the webpages and blogs have increased tremendously. Now the present scenario does not make it easy to get a valid backlinks which a search engine can consider for giving a page rank.

The bloggers found that commenting on other blogs is not only useful for marketing our blog but also is a useful way to rank higher in search enginies. They have started posting comments wherever possible. Wherever an open space is left for the anonymous reader to post his comments or some text, the webmasters have started posting links even if they don’t have any relation with the website. This has become spamming and google decided to eliminate it by simply creating a new tag called nofollow and recommend bloggers to use it to avoid the links in comments to be considered as a backlink. Thus the backlinks with the nofollow tags have become useless in terms of search engines and people stopped posting unnecessary spam.

Even then the nofollow links help getting some visitors in the long run. What the most important thing is to get a pagerank as many advertisers want to advertise on ranked blogs or websites. Most of the blogging is for money. So there came a community or group of bloggers who decided to become friendly and post circular links have starting do follow blogging.

Dofollow bloggers do not use nofollow blogs. Thus the links posted in comments are valuable backlinks. This is very desirable for many bloggers. As it is very tough to find a site without a nofollow tag, these dofollow tags naturally attract a lot of traffic and comments. This makes them get updated regularly and also many bloggers link to those blogs. So in turn their pages rank higher and higher.

The only fear that I have with this is that whether google may consider these blogs to be spam done intentionally and may ban them from search engine. If this happens even then it is not a big problem as the links will get some traffic because dofollow these blogs are rare in the present scenario.

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