Sunday, August 12, 2007

Want to buy Britney’s hair? Be ready with a million dollars!!!

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It is really not a funny thing to know that the hair of bald Britney has been put on sale. I wondered why these people are doing crazy things. I imagined that each of her hairs might be sold. Then what about the authenticity of that hair? My doubts got cleared after I’ve read the news. In between I wondered who is going to buy her hair for a million dollars (or even more after the auction) because sooner or later she will get her full grown hair.

The saloon where she has cut her hair, the owner being Esther Tognozzi, had decided to sell her hair on eBay. Soon it was pulled out from eBay and he started a website called to sell directly. But beware! The starting bid is one million dollars.

One may think of this as an investment if he keeps it protected and sells later when her hair stops growing (may be when she gets older). Whatever it is there are many auctions going on claiming that they have her hair, clippers or something she used at the time of cutting her hair.

Someone says that it is a good investment when she breaks mentally or commits suicide so that it can be sold.

This is what a news article says about the money that comes after selling:

“If it seems as though the salon is cashing in on a young woman's very obvious mental deterioration in the most grotesquely opportunistic way, then you're wrong - a portion of the money raised will go to charity. True - it's only 0.002% and it's going to the Esther Tognozzi Wants Nicer Shoes charity, but it's a start.”

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