Saturday, August 11, 2007

Can chocolates benefit brain and improve memory?

Do you eat chocolates? I used to eat. I stopped eating chocolates after coming to know that it is not a health food. It can even affect out teeth. I think most of the people knew these things about chocolates. As I was crawling through the web I found an interesting news. Many students generally eat chocolates and other stuff while working night-outs just before the exam.

A recent study says that the chocolates benefit the brain and memory. They stimulate the flow of blood to the brain and thus benefit the functioning of brain. I had just found it on Google news.

Some say that the effect of chocolates in stimulating or creating alertness is distinct from the stimulating effect of caffeine on the brain. Some other say that the chocolates are nevertheless unhealthy food.

I am confused whether to eat chocolates or not. I am thinking that the artificial stimulation whether it is from chocolate or caffeine must be having some side-effect. Unless needed in emergency or highly profitable business I decided not to take them. Also being a youngster makes me feel like take good care of my future health.

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