Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cell phone calls do not interfere with medical equipment in Hospitals

Cellular phone calls are discovered not to interfere with medical facilities in hospitals. This dispels the long-held notion that they are unsafe to use in hospitals. But other technological devices like CD players and anti-theft devices fitted in stores can affect the functioning of patient care equipment.

For example implanted heart devices can malfunction in the presence of CD players and anti-theft devices installed in stores. Perhaps the store employees must learn to move away those people having troubles.

I think this could be because of the frequency of operation of the device and also voltage. For cellular phones, they operate at very high frequencies like Gigahertz while CD players operate at lesser frequencies in the range of few Kilohertz. The medical equipment in hospitals and patient care equipment also operate at low frequencies. Indeed they are designed for a specific person and not for communication. So the frequency and the sphere of influence are limited. So is the case with CD players.

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