Thursday, August 02, 2007

Visit the center of the world

When you are having a business trip across continents why don’t you make a visit to the center of the world. I meant the city of London the timing GMT of which is considered to be the world standard time. In that sense the term center of the world is appropriate.

What all is there to visit in London? The great capital of Great Britain is not without attractions. Many movies are filmed with the attractions of this city. Travelers may come from other parts of United Kingdom including Birmingham or Manchester. This will let them get the advantage of taking affordable accommodation in these places. The hotels in London make it comfortable to visit this city.

The notable places of attraction in London include the Tower Bridge featured in many motion pictures, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Palace. Westminster palace is one of the oldest architectures in the history of United Kingdom. This was built in 18th century and got fires. But it was rebuilt later. This palace is one of the largest parliaments in the world. It’s worth taking a look at its intricate layout.

For making a visit to these cities, take accommodation at hotels in Manchester and hotels in Birmingham. There are also luxury hotels available in London’s West End. Hyde Park and Mayfair offer these luxurious accommodations. Or go for affordable hotels such as Bayswater, Victoria or Paddington etc. These ensure a pleasant stay and a pleasant tour of the city.

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