Thursday, August 02, 2007

Have we learnt from “The Day After Tomorrow” – Part two

Let me continue after the previous post – part one.

The most important thing that is depicted in the movie is the climate change that starts because of global warming. There seems to be like that climate change has already started. There flooding of rivers in India is increasing every year. The untimely seasons are also effect of this. Still it doesn’t motivate us to make a move.

Increasing usage of motor vehicles which pollute the environment heavily is considered as a notable cause and many organizations are trying to make people aware of it. The usage of common vehicles like buses must be encouraged by the government. Some cities have already made plans for that. Delhi has allowed many private buses called blue line buses to transport commuter in the city. But the problem it faced was that these privately run buses have recruited inexperienced drivers. This resulted in many accidents to count more than 50 deaths in a week. Note that Delhi is also the city where the first meeting was held for global warming prevention in the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”.

The biggest obstacle for the move against global warming is that it affects many countries economically. That is the reason why the developing countries are worried about stopping destruction of environment. In the Terminator 2 movie, the terminator says at one point time that ‘it is in your nature to hurt yourself’. The biggest people lose the big picture of the society and environment and forget the small people. Thus the initiative must start from the biggest people.

Though there are troubles in making a move against global warming we must use our intelligence and courage to find solutions to avoid the global disaster for the mankind.

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