Thursday, August 02, 2007

Have we learnt from “The Day After Tomorrow” – Part one

The Day After Tomorrow has been a great movie in the science fiction genre as well as in the moral sense. It was a very good movie to forecast a future disaster which we all have to face. But have yet learnt the moral from this great movie?

I never before had watched this movie. But after reading about global warming and the future disasters I found that this movie is about the dangerous effects of global warming on our lives. After that I had watched the movie. I liked it very much as it portrays the disaster very well to grab the attention of any sensible human being.

Many critics acclaimed the movie to be a great show but criticized it only for some technical inaccuracies. For example, the occurrence of tornadoes is not predicted by the scientists with regard to global warming. But the after effects like immediate freezing are accurately depicted. Then the few people trying to get warmth in the library building without a chimney was a fault.
After all this the main intent of the movie was to make everyone aware of the global disaster that is going to happen to man for all his misdoings with the mother nature. The lessons we need to learn are not yet learnt in the modern society. It is so simple to understand that we should not spoil our environment just for some sort of comfortability. But there are only few people or few organizations or few countries which have seriously taken the initiative to stop the misuse of nature.

The most polluters in the world are found to be India and China. They are the present hot spots for a booming economy. And the experts do warn heavily that their rivers will rise in levels to cause more disaster to their own growth.

I will continue the rest in the part two.

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