Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Change of writing style for blogs

After writing many blog posts it appears that a passive style of writing does not seem to attract the audience. It now became imperative to change the style.

Previously I used to write my blog posts just like writing for academic purposes. The writing style should be good. But I do not know why I do not seem to get any comments. When I used to write in a community blog it was easier to get comments. If I remember the situations where I got most comments, it becomes clear that the writing from my own experience or writing in an active narration or communicating my personal opinion etc, have attracted more comments than any other highly informative articles.

It means that thought the articles may be informative but if it is like too much for a reader he thinks that it is for information only and does not feel like putting his own thoughts in the comments. After all why do I want comments? It just gives me satisfaction that people are like minded similar to me and thus I get a sense of friendliness towards audience. This will improve my writing and creativity further.

Whereas the active style or the style recommended for academic purposes or that similar to a newspaper does not seem to compel the reader to post comments. That is the reason I have decided to change the style of writing for my blogs. You can post your ideas on what style you use for your blog and why you think it is better? I would appreciate it.

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